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About us

3wico has started its activities since 2007 as, The company began with financial and investment consultation and it was a major part of its activities, giving advice to those who are willing to invest in businesses and achieve success. In the late 2007, 3wico entered local financial and economic markets officially. After a while, and with a successful resume, the company started to trade on risky markets such as Stock Exchange, Forex, Crypto currencies and some other markets. To do so, the company had to get help from analysts who can analyze these markets well, and this was not possible except when hiring expert analyzing teams.

On the other hand, working at various capital markets requires huge capital. This would lead the company to get heavy loans from banks and/or get help from brokers and would undermine company’s authority.

On 2008 the company started to collect assets from local and regional investors and its good reputation for being successful at capital markets helped it to won their trust and to grow fast. By developments in technology and modern business tools, 3wico’s experts have utilized these facilities to get the optimum benefit for the company and its investors.

Since late 2008, the company has expanded its activities internationally. Since then, we have provided significant facilities such as registering through the website and printing credit cards to make it easy for users to work with the company. We use these to ease transferring money to our members’ accounts, and our members can contact with us easily from any place in the world. We have set up a help center working 24 hours and 7 days a week to take a great step in advancement of our goals which are our mutual goals between our members and us.

Another step of the company was to sign contracts with international reliable electronic banks. We had to make effort in order to accelerate in doing trades and also receipts and payments. In every moment we had to deal with different tasks such as paying investors’ profits; moreover, we had to provide the security for the members’ investments and for ours. This security provision consisted of risk management of capital markets and also markets shocks and unexpected events management.

3wico has been able to overcome difficulties and to act well in capital markets. The company believes that is indebted to all employees, board of directors and you investors that are somehow 3wico’s business partners.

3wico’s Board of Directors

Company №07194363
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 15 Lapwing Close, Covingham, Swindon, Wilts, United Kingdom
 +44 1793 384077

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