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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is 3wico?
3wico is an investment company which acts as a financial intermediate for its investors to invest in great international markets and pay a profit to its investors based on the company’s rules.
Where is 3wico registered in?
3wico is registered in UK in 2007 and its headquarters is also in UK. Besides, it has some agents in other spots of the world.
Is it possible to see your incorporation documents?
Yes, You can see and read 3wico’s registration certificate on the website.

Account opening

What are password, ID and Master Key?
Password, ID and Master Key can generally be considered as three parts of our security system that each one of them is a cover for the other part. Actually, having these three options enables you to access your account in full security.
In case of losing password, is it possible to recover it?
Yes. If you lose or forget your password, you can send a request to the company and the company will send your password to your email.
Can I have more than one account at 3wico?
No. You can have only one account with your Identity. But you are able to simultaneously increase your asset in this account. For security reasons, and to protect your account information and your investment, we cannot allow you to have more than one account.


How can I have a deposit account?
You can go to “Register” section, and fill the personal information form to make your new deposit account. Then, your account will be activated by settling at least a $300 to your account.
Can I increase my deposit?
Yes. You are able to increase your capital whenever you want. The company has no limitation on this.
Which e-currency do you use?
You can choose any payable e-currencies of the company. You can see company’s e-currencies in your primary account section and in the home page of the website.
Is there any minimum and maximum to sign contract?
Yes. The minimum cost to sign a contract with the company is 300 American dollars. However, there is no maximum limitation for investment.
Can I withdraw my capital?
Yes. You are able to take your capital out and close your account whenever you want. The process will be done fast, but it is not reversible. You can go to Company’s rules section and get notified of the procedure and costs of withdrawing capital and closing account.
How can I deposit money directly into account after opening account and activate my account?
You can go to “Banking” section and transfer money to the company’s account. This transfer has to be done using e-currencies accepted by the company.
If I deposit more capital, how much profit does accrue to this raised deposit?
You will have more profit by making more deposit. This profit depends on your investment, and the profit amount is classified into six categories that the minimum is 6.2% and the maximum is 7.7% monthly.

Withdraw profit

How can I get my profit?
You can get your deposit’s profit at the end of the monthly period. This profit is calculated daily for you. You can see it in the daily profit section, but you are not allowed to access to this profit until the end of the month.
What does it mean to add deposit to the primary capital?
You can add your monthly profit to your primary deposit and receive this profit’s profit.
Can I change my deposit’s profit to another e-currency?
No. You receive your monthly profit in e-currency which you have chosen in the first place.
How can I transfer my profit to my bank account?
You can go to the “Banking” section and transfer your profit to the company’s bank account. Then the company transfers this profit to your bank account.

Affiliation commission

What is a referral?
The company has considered an amount of affiliation commission to award to those members who have introduced the company to other people. When a new investor invests in the company, the referral is done.
When the referral commissions are made?
This commission is paid in two classes A and B, and is made as soon as new investor’s arrival to the company.
Do I need to invest if I want to start referring others and earn referral commissions?
Yes. The company needs to know you as one of its investors first to let you to refer new investors to the company.
How can I view the total number of referrals I have?
You are able to see all of your referrals and those people in the “Genealogy, History” section.

User profile

How do I change my account password?
You can change your password in the “Profile” section.
Can I change other information in my profile?
Yes. You can easily change your e-mail address, phone number, password, postal code, and your other information in your profile. Although, you are able to change these information only before verifying account. After verifying information, they cannot be changed.


Is verification necessary?
Actually, verifying your identity does not have any effect on the operation of your account, but you would better do the verification sooner due to its importance.
What is the importance of verification?
Verification is important because of these:
  1. The company will assign its agencies to those whose identities are verified. Hence, if you want to take company’s agency and work as its agent in the future, you have to have your identity verified.
  2. In case you forget your ID, Password, and Master key or if it is demolished, you can recover it, if only your documents are verified.
  3. If the primary investor die, in order to transfer their account to their heirs, investor’s identification documents must be verified; otherwise, their account will be blocked.

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