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IMF chief Christine Lagarde negligence (2016-12-02)

IMF chief Christine Lagarde negligence

Christian Lagarde’s charge, in the time she was the Minister of Economic Affairs, Finance and Employment in the French Government, by a French court has created ambiguities about her management in IMF. Despite her charge in France and her conviction by French court ruling, IMF board of governors gave her a vote of confidence again. This is on condition that some countries have applied for a loan and have not obtained it yet. French court ruling may not have any affection on her management in IMF but it may affect the confidence of the leaders of other countries to this fund.

The French court that its members are mainly politicians and not judges convicted her of failure and negligence but no punishment was ruled for her. Christian Lagarde has said: That I was found guilty in a court in France is true, but I am not happy and I believe that it is the time to re-open a new page and to go forward, and to work with those who have given me a vote of confidence.

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