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Warning of the German Bundesbank to the European Central Bank (2017-12-01)

Warning of the German Bundesbank to the European Central Bank

The German bank asked the European Central Bank to set a precise time to end its bonds purchase program. According to Reuters, Bundesbank's German director, Jens Wideman, said in an interview with the Spandex newspaper El Mando: Bank Central Europe needs to identify history to end its "capital investment program. He is also considered a candidate for the presidency of the European Central Bank after the termination of Mario Draghi's term as the current head of the European Banking Council in October 2019, as a critique of the ECB's purchasing program, or the sovereign bonds of the European Central Bank.

The prospect of gradual improvement of prices is related to the inflationary return to a sufficient level to maintain price stability," said Widman. For this reason, considering the determination of a specific date can be a good justification for ending the bond purchase program. On this basis, the European Central Bank has committed itself to continuing its bonds purchase program by at least September this year, but growth The economy has been at its best for the euro area in the last decade and the inflation rate is well above the one-hundredth level, which is likely to lead to the closure of the European Capital Markets program.

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