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Increasing oil prices due to White House pressures (2017-12-08)

Increasing oil prices due to White House pressures

American bank of "Merrill Lynch", announced that, oil prices could increase that the price of black gold (Oil) to $90 by the first half of 2019, due to US pressure on countries in order to non-purchase of Iran’s oil.

According to CNBC reports, the economic analysts of American bank "Merrill Lynch", said in an interview with CNBC's US television channel, that President Donald Trump's insistence on disrupting Iran’s oil exports could increases oil prices to over $90 in per barrel.

in the meanwhile, oil prices in the past few hours, due to the pressure from the White House on crude oil importing countries from Iran, It increased the price of this strategic good, almost to the highest level in the last few years; whilst, the expectation of a further decrease in the American's oil reserves, have helped for the oil prices gap too.

On the other hand, concern about Libya’s oil exports contributed to this issue too. According to Hootan Yazhari, head of frontier markets equity research at Bank of America "Merrill Lynch", “We are in a very attractive oil price environment, and our forecast is that by the end of the second quarter of next year, oil prices will increase to $90 of a barrel.

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