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New interest rates of European Central Bank (2017-12-08)

New interest rates of European Central Bank

The European Central Bank said it would announce a new interest rate until October 2019, this action of the European Central Bank is regarded as a new measure after the instability in previous symbols of trust in the economic environment of the green continent (Europe).

According to REUTERS, the ECB announced this month, that it would end its 2.6 trillion euro bond-purchase program, by the end of this year, but it plans keep interest rates without delay until the summer of next year, until provide the necessary environment for increasing the rate of interest.

In the meanwhile, the interest rate of euro interbank and the euro's indicator average are used for measuring monetary policy, and according to this criterion, the interest rates are set for loans of some countries.

Also, the trust environment to European economic conditions has diminished, which this subject could effect on assets prices’ and frustrate the process of transferring the monetary policy of the European Central Bank to a real economy. After the failure of industrial reforms, the European Central Bank decided to declare a new interest rate was called "short-term euro rate".

The European Central Bank due to the descending vision process of global economic growth at recent weeks and due to the rising of supportive policies (Trump’s tariffs and countermeasures) have warned the world, and announced that due to this reason in recent weeks, the vision of growth global economic, has been weaken.

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