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Sun, 2019 Nov 10
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3Wico areas of activity

You have to consider the main profits of 3wico in individual investment, in shares and currency market.

The first profit is 3wico’s trading cryptocurrencies and ability to distribute the assets with the least cost. Having best work teams with creative and brilliant minds, it has been possible to do the distribution of assets in the best place and best time.

The second one is using professional and expert managers in fields related to investment (that means you can relax and ask these experts to take your money and asset and invest properly on your behalf).

The third is that buy and sell activities are done temporarily and second by second in 3wico. Having 24 hours communication with financial markets and global transactions has enabled the company to purchase goods such as oil, gold, precious metals, etc., which by using advanced strategies and estimation of target market can be sold at the right time and gain maximum profit from it for themselves and their investors, at the proper time.

The forth main profit of 3wico is risk management in investment. The other expertise of 3wico is that it enables the company to do the least risky and the most certain financial activities in the chaotic space of global market and financial fluctuation, and this is due to 3wico moving forward and doing its transactions carefully in these markets.

Finally the fifth profit is properties assignment; different groups of properties are including shares, stocks, real estates, oil, gold and precious metals, securities and goods. Assigning assets to these groups is what asset management organizations are paid for. Hence, assigning properties in these various classes has a direct effect on the investment. Our asset teams’ analyses have demonstrated that assigning assets to these groups shows the asset management skill in a pre-determined path.

On the other hand, competition in such industry has become more difficult and only those who can adapt themselves with the risks and fluctuations of this market and ensure their persistence in this competing market are able to remain in the field.

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