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3wico’s business transactions with investors’ money

3wico utilizes a unique way to do transactions. Depend on the amount of money in every investor’s account, we have expanded several stages of sub-accounts. Generally, we have a portfolio for the main reserve management and different portfolios for every stage of sub-accounts. This system operates depend on the situation which a member’s level account is in, and a special business is planned based on this.

Actually, we adjust our transactions corresponding to the money in the main safe. This method is done under supervision of experienced and professional teams. The basis of our works is short-term and long-term projects and second by second and temporarily buy and sell activities. Also, we are able to enter direct or indirect business transactions on every corner of the world and in any possible time. This operation reduces our transactions’ risks to near zero in each and every stage, though no one can claim that they can eliminate risk factors in financial markets completely.

Anyway, in any stage that we operate, our investors profit a definite share that is determined in the investment page and this directly depends on the amount that investor, who can profit from business activities in short-term or long-term, has invested. 3wico has new programs under investigation that are going to be implemented soon. We will update profile on this page in the near future and will introduce new systems to make more profit to you. So please visit this page regularly.

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