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Stock funds

The stock funds have more risks than share funds; however, they also have more potential and profit in comparison to share funds and money market, though some share funds are risky. Money market and share funds usually produce profit 1 to 2 percent more than inflation if share funds have better performance in a longer period. Therefore, most investors prefer to invest in share funds market. The most obvious and significant feature of these funds is that they can be transferred easily and be purchased instantly. Although they are high risk, they also fundraise more. There are already powerful and diverse stock markets all over the world that have high turnover. For instance, we can mention the powerful market Forex and the Dow Jones stock, between the big markets, which are of tracked down stocks in the world.

3wico attempts to increase its presence among the authentic stock markets of the world minute by minute, and to achieve high profit, by playing a positive role in using these markets, so that the company’s managers, staff and investors all profit from it. Money circulating in such major markets, which it can be said about that sometimes are so complex and unpredictable, is a high risk and exhilarating action.

But 3wico with professional analysts of these markets and analyzing them every second has achieved progresses in utilizing these markets. There is nothing absolute in these markets, and yet we do our best to be the best and more important to expand our experiences and skills to possess bigger share of these markets.

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