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Affiliation commission

This profit is prepared for those investors who directly engage in activities for the purpose of raising funds.

Since these investors actually help organization’s long-term purposes, it is obvious that the company would consider a special profit for them. 3wico’s management pays 400 dollars as affiliation commission to their members for each 5000 dollars fundraising. As soon as it reaches to the specified ceiling of 400 dollars in the Genealogy part, a 400 dollar draft will be settled to the member’s account. That means you will receive 4% commission of your first level and you will earn another 2% commission of second level of refferals.

3wico has no limitation or time-span for affiliation commissions, and this is considered as a unique point which can be gotten by any member without any concern and in any time and they can receive their affiliation commission.

You can start earning money today easily without spending months for training and be sure that 3wico affiliate program will bring you profit in the nearest future. Become an affiliate and earn your commissions from your downline!

Note: You need to deposit atleast $300 to join our affiliation program.

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