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Privacy policy

Widespread of internet and its incredible capabilities as well as its ubiquitous and increasing usage has made it a major part of our lives. Hence, as customers do trades on the internet, our priority and our customers’ is to preserve security and privacy to maintain the rights of both sides. Keeping business secrets is of highest importance for us and for you. 3wico has achieved this goal by successfully employing different policies.

We do not give or sell our customers’ information, including their names, address, phone numbers, emails, postal code, etc., to anyone. We use the most modern and the best equipped security systems in order to protect our members and our allies against hackers’ penetration and access to your information.


3wico will ask for your identities whenever it is needed. This supplementary information is asked in case one member is going to change their identity. Of course, if there are contradictions in a member’s identity information their account will be blocked until the situation is clarified. To prevent illegal access to people’s accounts, hackers’ entrance and/or cyber-attacks, blocking contradictory accounts is inevitable.

Accessibility: We have provided you the possibility to be assured that your information is correct and up-to-date. You can reconsider and update these information in My Profile section.

Security: 3wico uses a powerful security system to support investors’ information and it is our pride to fully protect your information against losses, misuse and not allowed access. 3wico uses SSL security system, and this is the most secure platform to transfer information currently used in the world. We protect your personal information, data, and trades against penetration, exposure or change. Your personal information may be saved and processed in the US or any other countries 3wico has an agency in; however, no one can see or edit your information, unless someone know your username and password. Thus, this is important not to share your information with others.

Customers’ profiles

When you register we build you a profile and define you a specific identification consisted of two letters and some numbers. With this ID and entrance code you can roam in the website and get notified of content. Even if you change your computer or laptop, there is no need to register again.

3wico will expose information in two right situations, as are described below, and will do this just with a warrant, without prior notification, and with goodwill.

1) To confirm legal warrant and in order to follow legal procedure ruling over 3wico and website.

2) In order to advocate and support 3wico and its allies’ rights and properties.

3) Necessary activities to protect and maintain 3wico users’ personal security.


Anyone send advertisement message(s), their membership will terminated without any exception. Members find necessary information on 3wico’s website. Please read it regularly to get notified of new updates.

Refund policy

3wico’s policy is based on no refund. It means that any payments received by members and made by the company is non-refundable unless this is a fake payment that in such cases its validity will be checked and appropriate proceedings to solve the case will be done.


All rights are reserved for the company. No part(s) of the subject supported by copyright law is permitted to be shared without a written permission from the copyright owner. 3wico will pursue any kinds of copying, citation, and reproducing contents in any electronic and/or mechanical form, strongly. 3wico, its board and those who involve in providing and producing data and contents, are not in charge of any mistake and/or delay in citations.

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