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Voucher card

3wico Company offers its voucher cards in pries of 300$, 500$, 1000$, and 2000$. By this action, we provide convenience for our investors in their business all over the world. In addition, the issued credit cards by our company change in cash in all conditions by our agencies all over the world.
Working with these cards is so simple and they have very high and advanced security besides making transactions easy.

Security Cases

  • A. Make sure of the originality of cards before using them. You can scan QR code to make sure of your cards. In addition, you can make sure of their originality by entering card serial code in company’s site.
  • B. Do not buy cards with scratched password. In addition, prevent buying dubious cards with illegible serial or the ones with undiscernible codes by scan. Company doesn’t accept any responsibility about your fake or scratched bought cards.
  • C. Take care of your card, we don’t have any policy about losing, or stealing voucher cards of our investors. It is better to say that if you lose your voucher card, it is impossible to take back voucher cards to bank system or remove security code of the lost cards; unless in specific conditions that user knows the card serial number as a direct buyer from our company. It means you register buying from our company by your own names.
  • D. All the issued cards were deducted from 3wico bank systems. It means the price of the issued cards was deducted from financial funds and can be used as electronic cash. It means who has this card can change it to cash immediately. Thus, please take card them precisely.

How to Use It

  • 1. First go to site of 3wico Company.
  • 2. If you have private account in 3wico, please enter to your account from longin sector. If you do not have an account, you must go to register sector and open a private account for yourself.
  • 3. Go to the voucher card sector in your main account.
  • 4. Please scratch the scratching part at the back of your card to see 16- digit number.
  • 5. Please type the appeared code in a specific place. The price of your card is clear in monthly interest sector.


If you do the operations of using cards accurately, you will see the successful confirmation. Moreover, you will receive an email from our company in your email inbox.
You can demand the price in your bank fund of 3wico Company after deposition of your voucher card in your main account that total price will be deposited to your bank account immediately.
If you like to invest the mentioned price, you can go to the banking sector of the referred site and enter the price in upgrade sector and enjoy the daily interest.

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