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Basic concepts


First step is to make an account, In the personal account section you will see history, studies, profile, call center, daily profit and other options. You can access to your account with investor’s information, valid password and the security PIN code

Account balance

This section shows your total capital in every account you have

Remaining days

This means the remaining days to next month. When the current month ends, this number turns to 1 and again goes to 29-31

Security image

Security image is a set of numbers that are chosen randomly in order to prevent automatic entrance of scripts and programs. This is a security measures to help protecting your account and is different from your transactions code.

Virtual keyboard

Virtual keyboard is essentially designed to be used to insert vital information and to cover your password up against hackers or key logger programs from capturing your password when you click it using mouse and accessing your vital information

Master key

Master key is our second security layer that needs to be inserted on the entrance page after inserted password is confirmed.
Master key is automatically created when your account creation is complete. As when using a master key, you do not type any character no hacker is able to access your account and no key logger can discern it. The only way the master key can be revealed is by telling it to others or if someone has a glimpse on it. This technology makes it easier for you to access to your account.

Account type

Account type refers to the type of account you have chosen. On the personal page, you can choose your account type among six different types depend on the amount of your capital. These account types are including: Basic, Normal, Complementary, Special, Advanced and Pro that you can choose one of these.

Daily profit

Daily profit is abbreviated as DP. Your account balance at this section is actually your DP. All your DPs will settle in this section and it enables you to monitor your deposit growth from day to day in a whole month. This section is not accessible and changeable, and also it is not possible for you to use or transfer this profit until the end of the month.

Monthly Profit

Monthly profit is abbreviated as MP. This is your account balance after one month that in the beginning of each Christian month is transferred from DP bar to this section. In this part you can transfer the transferred money to the company’s account and exchange it to your chosen currency, or transfer it to a new deposit. Also, you can add this amount to your primary account and receive its daily profit.
From the 18th August 2018 investors will receive variable of interest, This change in profit will variable between 3-6% to 9.9%. We are investing more profit than profits in financial markets. Based on the profit generated by the financial markets, we are paying profit to our clients.


The Commission for Investors is paid directly to investors 4% direct and 2% indirect. At the same time, for the first $300 deposit of referral, representer will receive 9% of the commission. If the investment is more than $300, the normal capital commission will be paid.

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