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Conditions for receiving loan

Conditions for receiving loan

3wico has provide interest free loans, The current plan you see is about 6 months on the agenda of the 3wico management team and has been carefully reviewed by experts and is designed for the convenience of investors around the world. We hope that the ultimate satisfaction See investors in the future. We are proud that for about 10 years we have been able to create a mutual benefit with a successful business, and our investors' satisfaction is a top priority for our company. We hope that in the near future we will offer new proposals to support our investors. Conditions for receiving interest free loan:

  1. The applicant for the company loan must be fully verified (identity verification).

  2. The minimum required capital for a loan must be 7,500 US $. This item is to ensure that the borrower has the ability to repay installments. Note that the total amount must be paid after August 1, 2017.

  3. The loan applicant can receive a maximum of 40% of the total principal amount of his loan.

  4. The repayment period of the loan is a maximum of 10 months, the installments are deducted from the monthly profit and are transferred to the company's fund.

  5. After requesting a loan by the applicant, the company will postpone the requested amount to the eligible applicant loan part after checking it out.

  6. Anyone can send it only to new accounts without the balance after borrowing, and the amount sent to each new account is at least $ 300 and maximum $ 1000.

  7. The loan applicants can make a full repayment, in the relevant part after borrowing if they have sufficient balance. Note that paying only part of the loan is not possible.

  8. To receive each new loan, you must make sure that the Previous loan is fully settled and that users can not have more than one loan.

  9. The opening of any relatives or family accounts, as well as the opening of a fake account for getting a loan is considered fraud in company's opinion, and in addition to blocking the account of the victim, subject will be prosecuted and fined by the company, according to the company management.

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