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Terms of services

The members confirm that among documents, the one which is signed between 3wico and members is superior to all words between the two of them, including guarantees and verbal or written regulations and restrictions, and this document can withdraw them all. The members also confirm that they had enough time to reconsider these rules and regulations with their law consultant and examine them carefully to comprehend and interpret them well, and that these rules are set by 3wico.

It has been agreed that documents sent by email and/or any other documents signed by members are legal and effective. By putting a tick in a specified box in the contract in the website and when registering, each member is committed to 3wico and also to those companies, factories, organizations, and other people who the member is one of them or to whoever makes a profit by joining this agreement.


In addition to general policies, conditions and clauses below are rule documents accepted by members when joining 3wico. What is registered here is to support whoever has become an 3wico’s member. We reserve the right to amend conditions and/or clauses in the time it is needed.

Rules and conditions between the company and its members:


  • 1. Investment contract period is 15 months from 4/05/2019
  • 2. During this period investor can not cancel his contract on one side and the company also pays the investor's profit according to the monthly contract.
  • 3. If the investor terminates the contract earlier than the due date, he must return all his income to the company and receive the rest of his capital.
  • 4. The users who will introduce and promote the company can then be known as leader and enjoy the benefits of completing the referral levels Commission.
  • 5. The payment system for leaders will be instantly in less than 48 hours.
  • 6. The payment system for regular members will be the same as the old way and will be paid out as a priority.
  • 7. The cooperation commission will increase from two stages to 8 steps, and this is a great opportunity for those who promote the company and seek to attract investors.

Clause 1: Members must be over the age of 18, or have reached the legal age of their country in which they can have roles or involve in legal affairs; also if someone is going to address one member’s affairs they have to present their official documents regarding their custody or advocacy of the member.

Clause 2: Security: Company protects and supports members’ information, documents and transactions at the highest level of security. Also, members have to accept the responsibility to protect documents and transactions secrecy.

Clause 3: Transactions: All transactions, deposits and withdraws related to a personal trade is considered finished and has to be sent with a link by email, so that when there is a disagreement or conflict it can be settled using company’s regulations and rules.
Due to heavy tax issues, all users who have more than $15,000 as main balance should use Skrill or Payza to withdraw/deposit funds.

Clause 4: Fund Source: As a member of 3wico I guarantee that all funds deposited in company’s account is free from any tax, guarantee, lien, pledge, mortgage, or any other right and is fully owned by me and is always available, and I assure you that it is earned from a legitimate business and has no illegal source.

Clause 5: Cancellation: Each member of 3wico is able to cancel their registration or terminate their membership whenever they want and without prior notification. Cancellation means that all personal trades and transactions will be released, so that the member’s account become clear after all mentioned charges are withdrawn. After cancellation user has no right to use account anymore otherwise, the company has this right to terminate their account and membership without prior warning.
Users will receive requested amount for cancellation after 4 months of last profit earning.

Clause 6: Information: Company has to present any information demanded by any of members freely. Since the company acts mainly in the area of momentary transactions and sales and does not invest its capital in a particular place, subjects, information and any of current connections in 3wico is considered as a physical investment suggestion. Hence, this suggestion is not considered as a private sector proposition or an illegal one. The members also commit not to do transactions which need to pay for facilities and services that are free for every one.

Clause 7: 3wico reserves the right to amend rules and regulations, commissions, evaluations, periods of time or any financial information of the company or about private sector transactions any time it was necessary. Of course, this is all for solidarity and security of the company’s members and owners. Moreover, all members have to become up-to-date and to know updated information.

Clause 8: Means of communication: 3wico has offered various ways to communicate with members, and an equipped support team has the duty to answer members’ questions and inquiries. In case any member doesn’t get notified or if any member does not contact with the company for negligence, it is their responsibility and the company and/or its employees do not take any responsibilities.

Clause 9: 3wico will not accept any violation of rules and will not forgive the one or ones who disobey company’s rules and regulations. This company is organized by detailed and calculated instructions and accepts no violation of members under any circumstances. We do not offer a second chance in our system. These rules and regulations are to protect members and that is why the company does not accept any disobedience and the member who has done any will be prosecuted.
Primary Cancellation: It happens when members violate pre-determined regulations. Each member’s capital returns as soon as all payments are paid including cancellation fee. In case of any violations or not paying fees or any activities causing harm and/or loss to the company in short or long term, the company will send all information and details of that member’s personal account to its lawyers to do the prosecution in order to return the necessary fees to the company. This information includes call log and all information sent to the company by the member.

Clause 10: Rules: 3wico’s legal actions do not accept and forgive any violation of rules and regulations. Besides, it would send all documents and evidences to law department in order to prosecute the violator.

Clause 11: Confirmation is needed because 3wico need to ensure that the information that members have given when registering are true. Members are committed to be honest and give true and exact information about them; besides, they are committed to give their real identity. 3wico reserves the right to demand more information of its members whenever it needs them, if you are not agreed, you should quit 3wico immediately.
Local legal topics: As a member of 3wico I commit to take all responsibilities to bring all these articles to my country. Moreover, this is all members’ duty to comply with the rule and regulations of where they live in. 3wico does not accept any illegal and/or risky activities from any of its members, and whoever misuses their position, their membership will be terminated according to the clause 9.

Clause 12: 3wico has not accepted any tax liability for its members and of their country ever and will not do it in the future. Tax fraud is a crime in most countries; therefore, members are responsible for tax liability for every personal contract they sign.

Clause 13: We have given thought to those investors who have died, that their heirs can still benefit from advantages and profit of the deceased’s investment. 3wico, regardless of each country’s laws about heritage and heirs’ gender, acts as below:
1- One member of the deceased’s family, on behalf of the others, sends an e-mail to change username and ID to the company’s help center.
2- After checking and reading their sent e-mail, the company asks applicant for the evidence of the investor’s death. These documents include death certificate, family members, or any other documents the company might ask for to verify the identity of the applicant and the investor’s.
3- After verifying investor’s death, 3wico and the company’s legal experts team allow the deceased’s family to use their deposit by sending them prior owner’s ID and Password, and that family member will be known as the owner since then.

Warning: Any deception and/or misuse of this clause, has legal consequences and the company will defend its rights seriously and the one who has done it will be pursued according to the company’s primary rules.
Forward Rate Agreements, Options and CFDs (OTC Trading) are leveraged products that carry a substantial risk of loss up to your invested capital and may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Clause 14: All users who use an interest-free mortgage can not cancel their account until the 10-month deadline.

We do not have any difficulty with other countries regarding exchanging. Many countries do not have opportunity or are not allowed to trade or have financial and/or commercial intercourse with other countries due to economic, political, and financial restrictions. However, some e-currencies, due to sanctions imposed by some governments, or even because of internal politics of the banks, do not get traded with some countries. Therefore, 3wico has based its policies upon valid e-currencies in the world cycle, and the contract between the company and e-currencies is the criterion for the company’s and members’ operation. Generally, any currency that the company has contracted and done businesses with, provided that this currency is valid in the investor’s country is acquirable.

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